Vive Furiale!

A very good friend of mine recently found himself living too complacently in life. Whatever happened just sort of “ran over” him and he was left shrugging apathetically as the wet blanket of the situation. He knew he was tiring of his position but didn’t know if there was anything he felt like doing about it.

Passionate anger was building up inside him and it was starting to surface in ways that were hurting the ones around him and were certainly not doing any good for him. He started to meditate on this and presently found himself coining a Latin phrase (for Latin is one of his favorite things) as his new life philosophy: “Vive furiale!” Which translates as: “Live furiously!”

We have all felt the same way; things make us mad. A new guy comes into work and immediately snags the position you have been trying to work up to for months. You’ve been working as hard as you can on your skills and knowledge of your favorite subject, and yet there always seems to be someone better than you. Nobody seems to be accepting your work applications or returning your calls about a purchase you want to make from them for your business.

It’s very easy just take the anger in stride, either allowing it to boil inside us, or attempting to ignore it and hoping it just goes away after a while. Often we let it bring us down to the point where we avoid it and anything else associated with it, and we’d rather just lie in bed and pretend the world doesn’t exist with all its ridiculous responsibilities.

But what if, instead, we took that frustration and turned it into good stuff?

Anger is energy. And all too often that energy gets channeled into something that taxes your mind and body. Very recently I watched a National Geographic documentary about how stress can kill you. So we here at Life Without College do not recommend you die so defeated.

It takes a little thought and effort, but frustrated energy can be channeled into working harder, better, and faster. Your mind is going super-fast: use it to come up with new ideas and solutions for the issue at hand. Your body is probably capable of running a marathon right now with the amount of horsepower you are generating: use it to learn more, make more, work harder, make more phone calls and make them assertively. Whatever needs to be done, do it now with this newfound vigor!

Consider it a challenge, because it really is: someone has dared you or said, “I bet you couldn’t _____!” Of course that gets you riled up and of course you want to prove that person wrong. Do it!

This doesn’t mean that you have to live in anger all the time. That’s no fun. No, I’m talking about a way to blow off steam that is not only healthy but extremely productive and proactive. Taking negative energy and transferring it into making positive progress. It not only helps you when something has gotten you down, it also solves the problem.

Vive furiale today, everyone!


3 responses to “Vive Furiale!

  1. I like this blog so much, it inspires me to do something I have done since I was 15….trudge against the “already made and assembled society”, still like a dawn alarm I can hear my mother’s voice claiming…”end high school then take diving lessons then…dive in your wealth” just like that rich duck from Disney tales featured in cartoon series aired in the early 90s, science knows a love her but how weak and breakable was this claiming…, my friend Charles (supposed math teacher) is now in some spotted in green in Google maps village constructing dreams for homeless people, Reny is a firefighter in Peace Corps but me…me Marcelus had to fight the phantom of (euphemism alert) upper education…and what for? Jobless, debt, dued, and presumptuously undereducated (oh yes! according to hiring companies around here) after crisis capitalism goes on steroids so your knowledge should go enough for earning the pitty salary ranges and a medially decent payment, you just picture it:

    -Hey hello Mr interviewee, so your resume says you speak Portuguese, French and German, is that true?
    -Yes sir, I do.
    -Salary expectations?
    -84 000 a year
    -And your college education?
    -Well I just speak them sir, would you test me?
    -Haw haw haw, without a degree, 44 000 plus all jammed cans you can snatch from the coke machine in the non-management lounge.
    Just consider this in an overall for IT areas…you figure out…well I feel unhappy sometimes. You born in Latin America…ok then soon learn that you have to start saving for your pension since you are like 17, otherwise you have the risk of end your days opening a hustler door for a living. Not a college education…oh damn! What….you gonna end your education right after the petty high school?, ok…why not? I have dreams…college is expensive, teachers play the savvy, I wanted to be a plumber, I hate studying (this is real, right now I should be studying), college is for wannabe sugar daddies, wield whatever reason…live your life, don’t let them sale you the idea that a non college – educated individual is non-worthy of respect, dare to dream friend!!! if you are young and you cannot afford an education, whip those self pity tears, stand up seize a goddamn book and start learning by your own, could you believe that 5 years ago I wasn’t a English speaker at all.
    No one and read again: NO ONE in this freaking world is better than somebody else just for taking the extra class: wall street self masters aren’t valued by society over than the red bearded guy who towed your car this morning.
    Hello girl of the blog, like your blog, keep going.

    Disfruta el dia.

    Once in while I write independent post for several blogs on several topics, let me know if I could write once on your blog.

  2. God!!!! can you believe I recently lose my inspiration???!!!! lol!!!! gonna write something soon.

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