Is College Right for Me?

A few days ago I wrote and published an article over at The Unschooler Experiment beseeching everyone to take as much time as they might possibly need to decide whether the 4+ years and tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars are invested into a college education.

The article is one of many I will be writing as the new associate editor of the “College” section of The Unschooler Experiment. Which I am really stoked about, by the way.

Although this article and the ones to follow will be foremost directed at homeschoolers/unschoolers considering college, at their core they all are applicable wherever you are in life:

“It’s hard to tune the ‘College is the answer to finding success in your future life’ message out and make an educated decision for yourself. How do you decide, on your own, whether college is right for you?”

I go on to list several questions and actions you can take to optimize your conscious decision-making process. Check it out – I can guarantee they’ll help you! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or suggestions.


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