“Where Did You Go?”

Barb, the designated clapper.

Last night I jumped in a minivan with seven other people I’ve known for years and we all drove to Greensboro, NC, chitter-chattering happily along the way, for the showing of our 6-minute film, Just One.

Our film was one of 43 being shown this week as part of the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project, one branch of the now world-wide competition to write, film, edit, score, and turn in a 4-7 minute-long movie in 48 hours (http://www.48hourfilm.com/). The even greater catch is each team has to incorporate an assigned character, prop, line of dialogue, and a genre/theme pulled out of a hat. The event alternatively goes by, “I Had a Way Better Weekend than You.”

Last Friday evening at 7pm, those 43 teams gathered in a long room to eat, drink, be merry, network, socialize, and at last be given their assignments so they could burst out the doors in a stampede-of-rhinoceroses-type-fashion to go complete the task before Sunday night at the same time. Plumb Line Pictures, our group, was assigned the theme of “Birthday/Anniversary.” All of the teams were given…

Character: Don or Donna Hastert, Plumber
Prop: Crayons
Line of Dialogue: “Where did you go?”

In the end, we produced a quaint bromance about a guy who is trying to forget today was his 5-year anniversary with a girl that broke up with him 3 months prior. His friend comes over to help get his mind off things, and in the end a hot plumber shows up to fix his toilet and he considers asking her out. In my completely unbiased opinion, it was one of the few really excellent films shown last night.

The other categories included:

Dark Comedy
Film de Femme
Musical or Western
Period Piece
Sci Fi

Additionally, there were Wild Card genres. These were for people who didn’t like the genre drawn from the main list of categories and wanted something new:

Adventure Serial
Coming of Age
Family Film
Silent Film
Time Travel Movie
War or Anti-War Film

Plumb Line Pictures, the film division of my improv group, the Unintentionals, has been participating in the 48 Hour Film Project for three years independently now; and three years with another team, Neon Kudzu, making it six years total. I’ve now acted in/written/photographed/crewed/lackeyed/propped/scored/etc. three of those six. They haven’t necessarily been the best of films, but in the end, that’s not the point. The point is we have all had a gigantic blast each year and learned a lot about teamwork, time management, storytelling, filmmaking, and countless other things.

And if, by chance, you were thinking the title had something to do with why I fell off the face of the earth AGAIN… you’re wrong. Basically.

On that note, do stay tuned for more frequent blogging!



One response to ““Where Did You Go?”

  1. Good to hear some activity from here once more! It sounds like an incredible weekend indeed. =D

    Looking forward to seeing more entries here!

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