Life Without College – Is it Possible??

To some of us, the question is a very silly one: can you survive in life without having gone to college? Such a question may not have even entered our minds. “Duh, of course you can. College is just an extra way of learning stuff, we all know that.” For others, however, the question is really quite valid; possibly because all of our lives, most of us have been told it isn’t possible, or even that college simply part of life, and that there is no alternative, end of story. This is what society teaches to young people these days: go to school, get good grades; go to college, get good grades; get a job that pays well, get promotions in that job, keep working until you retire; go live in a retirement community and play golf till you’re old and feeble; then lie in bed watching TV till you’ve passed away. The American Dream sounds so delicious, doesn’t it? And without it, we all fail as Americans, correct? No. What if you don’t envision that dream for yourself? What if you grew up wanting to be a farmer, a rock star, a sailor, a rock climber, an elephant rider, or some other dream you’ve given up for the sake of being realistic?

My primary goal with this blog is to enlighten and encourage those people out there who want to do more than what is expected of them, who want to accomplish their dreams now, and who don’t want to wait for so-called “opportunity” to come a-knocking. Probably, if you found this blog, you are one of those people. You are sure there isn’t one path through life – after all, everyone is different, right? – but you aren’t sure what the alternatives are, or if they even exist for “normal” people. Or, perhaps you stumbled upon it accidentally, and were intrigued. I hope you were intrigued. If you have read this far, you are probably intrigued. Maybe questions have come up that you didn’t even notice you had bottled up inside.

I’ve only listed a couple of reasons why you might be asking if life without college is actually feasible. Everyone has a different story, and everyone has different questions. So, if you have stumbled upon my blog, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail ( with your story, questions, concerns, arguments, or anything else you wish to address. I would love to know your story and hear what you have to say about this interesting and often controversial subject.

In the next entry, I will tell you a little bit more about me, and how I came to find the “Life Without College” question relevant to my own life.



7 responses to “Life Without College – Is it Possible??

  1. Yes, I’m intrigued, and I hope you write many more posts.

  2. This is wonderful, Jessica! I’m going to be following your blog for sure.

    I’ve lived in Corvallis, OR my whole life, and it’s what you could call an “overeducated” town. Most people are often surprised, to say the least, to hear that I am not going to college. Not right now, anyway.
    And here I was thinking I’d stop getting those education questions once I passed “school” age, but here I am at age 20, and I’m still an unschooler! Which to be quite honest is rather exciting to me, even though it’s something I didn’t expect.

    – Laurel

  3. Thanks, guys!

    That often happens to me as well, Laurel. Even most of the homeschoolers where I live place a lot of value on mainstream education. Me not going to college definitely throws people off sometimes. But right now I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else! 🙂


  4. Same here. It does bother me somewhat when the occasional person looks haughtily down their nose at me when I say I’m not going to school. But for the most part, I’m proud of not making a bad (in my case) decision just because it’s the the way the river’s flowing at the moment.

  5. While I agree the college may not be for everyone, it’s definitely for me. I enjoy taking college-level courses, and am looking forward to starting college full-time, because in my opinion, college is where it starts to get fun: you get to spend a lot of time learning about something that you enjoy (provided you picked the right major :-P), as opposed to studying something that you find boring, such as the geography of Somalia.

    But that’s just my take. In today’s economy, getting a degree is going to improve your chances of being able to get a job.

  6. There are definitely pros and cons to going to college, Jonathan; and, as you will see in later entries, I don’t mean to rule it out entirely as evil.

    However, while you do get to study what you want to at college, I have several issues with the limited amount of ways you can go about this. Classrooms aside, you can pick one major (two if you want to drink too much coffee), which you study 50% of your time at school if you are really, really lucky. It’s probably more like 40%, or even 35%, depending on the school and the major. The rest is spent on more requirements, which you may or may not be overly interested in.

    This will be expanded on in a later entry, but basically I’d like to say that college isn’t the only place where it “starts to get fun.” But I am sure you know that. 🙂

  7. Great blog!
    And well I’m going through a really weird phase here! I’ve decided not to go to college, well mainly because sometimes the economics don’t work out in your favour you see, but right now I’m trying to polish my knowlege which a school never taught me. I’ve been told that I could do big things with what I know, and it does make me feel happy and relieved a bit for a while, but then you come across people who absolutely condemn you for not aspiring to get formally educated. (Like I even need to listen to them right!) And being a stubborn person, I often fight for my case, defending it, and making it look like it’s the right thing to do. But the problem is, even if that’s the right thing to do, I’m just not very sure about it. I mean, one does think that ‘IF’ I actually went to college, how would my life turn out then? What about the chances of making life-long friends, or missing out on things that a nineteen-year-old should not miss out on. You know what i mean?

    Anyways, I try to keep a good opinion of myself, and hope that whatever knowlege I have, will get me throught my life, successfully. To all of you out there, who can’t go to college or just simply choose not to, I wish you all the very best in whatever you’re doing, and may God give you the strength to go through every phase easily. And last but not the least, HAVE A BLAST! 😀

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